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UNIWAY 1310nm Transmitter


UNIWAY 1310nm TRANSMITTER are based on DFB Technology for transmission of optical signal at 1310nm for Multi Channel CATV Transmission.

They are most suitable for HFC networks as they economize & optimize the Broad Band Network and increase reliability and stability.

The DFB technology along with RF pre-distortion circuit have been incorporated to achieve excellent C/N performance - A necessity for Cable TV Network.

UNIWAY 1310nm transmitters utilize the expertise of Ortel/AOI (USA) who are world renowned in the field of optical transmission & reception technology. UNIWAY 1310nm Transmitters incorporate automatic power control coupled with temperature stabilization provided by a thermo electric cooler, which ensures maximum performance, and longer laser module life.



  • High quality, high linearity DFB laser.
  • Advanced pre-distortion function.
  • 1U, 19 inch standard chassis, 220VAC, 50Hz switching power supply or others.
  • Power output upto 15 dBm.