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4 Channel Mpeg-2 Encoder Modulator

MPEG-2 encoding and DVB-C modulation integrated device to convert 4 CVBS A/V signals and one ASI input to DVB-C RF out in the frequency range of 30~960MHz. It is equipped with 4 channels CVBS input, 1 ASI input and output with 2 ASI ports, 1 UDP IP port, 1 DVB-C RF test and 1 DVB-C RF out port.

The signals source could be from satellite receivers, closed-circuit television cameras and Blue-ray players etc. its output signal is to be received by a DVB-C standard TV, DVB-C STB.

The device can be used in public place such as metro, market hall, theatre, hotels, resorts, etc for advertising. It also can be used for monitoring, training and educating in company, schools, campuses, hospital.

1.2 Key Features

4* CVBS in, 1*ASI in

MPEG2 Video encoding

Support PAL, NTSC SD signal

MPTS and 8xSPTS output over UDP

DVB-C/QAM RF test&out

Support all DVB-C QAM modes(J.83A/B/C)

LCN support (Logical Channel Number)

Excellent modulation quality MER≥42dB

RF Frequency range 30Mhz~960Mhz

LCD display, Remote control and firmware

Web NMS Management

Updates via web/Ethernet

Lowest cost per channel --- breakthrough price